What Is Boheme

As early as the sixteenth century there has been an erroneous belief that gypsies came from Bohemia, a historical region in central Europe, currently the Czech Republic. The French word “bohemian” is considered the American translation of Boheme and it was used originally to refer to gypsies. Later, “bohemian” became a label for artists including the artist community in Paris. Henri Murger wrote about them. Giacomo Puccini composed an opera about them with a world premiere performance in Turin on February 1, 1896. His opera, La Boheme is performed in frequency, second in the United States, just behind another Puccini opera, Madama Butterfly.

Gypsies are, in our common imagination, wild and free, unregimented by society. Sometimes though, the term gypsy simply describes “travelers”. Though we don’t think of ourselves as gypsies at A BOHEME Design, we have traveled. As a matter of fact, we really love to travel and we are pretty sure you’ve traveled too. You may have traveled the world or you may prefer to stay close to home. You must have moved through many places, at least from room to room, building to building, town to town, city to city, or possibly country to country. You probably have collected things…maybe rocks or shells, paintings or shoes, furniture or hats, wine, shot glasses or artwork, postcards or books. Or maybe you have collected great memories and lots of photographs. How do you spend your most treasured time? What are your hobbies? Fishing? Golfing? Reading? Cooking?

We are anxious to hear your story and once you begin to tell it, we will listen carefully. We will take capacious notes. We will learn about the things you don’t want just as much as we will about the things you love. Only then will we begin to design…and we will design especially for YOU…wild, free, unregimented, and imaginative.