The Rosemary Beach residence underwent a transformation from a Southern-style interior with wallpaper and dark beadboard walls to a light-filled sanctuary boasting Gulf views!

The “Before and After” photos vividly illustrate the dramatic changes made to create a contemporary and inviting space for Mr. & Mrs. Del Mauro. Treatments such as a shared office with a large table bathed in light and vibrant red walls foster a sense of “work and fun.” The “Man Cave,” adorned in various tones of brown and taupe, features a Minotti chair and doubles as a guest bedroom. However, the most compelling transformation is evident in the main room, which now boasts a fireplace, windows surrounding the space, a sofa bed by Avery Boardman, NY, and cream leather Eames lounge chairs with footstools. Additionally, the primary bedroom was enlarged to create a cozy sanctuary flooded with light.

The color palette of white walls and the addition of tall windows contribute to the overall spaciousness of the floor plan. Chartreuse accents in the kitchen and living room carpet lend a refreshing touch to the entire space. Ultimately, this residence has become an inviting and comfortable abode for the Del Mauros.