Recipient of the 2003 Builder’s Choice Awards Home of the Year: Custom Home, this two-story residence features innovative architectural touches and materials to create a charming and comfortable abode within a lot sized 78’ x 47’. A Boheme principal was the recipient of this prestigious recognition and enjoyed “calling it home.”

This West Indies-inspired 1,800 square foot marvel features outdoor open and screened porches, an exaggerated pitched corrugated steel roof, antique “Sinker” cypress floors, and walls finished with pine flush board covered in a blue/gray/green translucent stain. All these elements contrast with the dividing walls finished in clean gypsum board with simple wood details, creating a juxtaposition of “funky and crisp” textures.

Creative use of materials is evident throughout: the corrugated galvanized aluminum is utilized on an angled wall shared by the kitchen and downstairs hallway, the porch ceiling, and the powder room’s wet wall. Repeating this whimsical use of materials, on the second floor, there is a wall clad with a tin-like material, hooks, and underneath a customized mosaic still life composed of shells, crab sculptures, and broken limestone, serving as a place for hanging dripping wet suits and towels.

The sophisticated use of materials and colors, along with special touches such as the antique fireplace and mantel, create an inviting beach retreat!