Infinite views of the Day

“Infinity” describes the perspective for all points of view featured in soaring spaces punctuated with Italian windows and a glass staircase. Metal railings define the open interior spaces, staircase, and undulating balcony. A creative and engineering challenge was resolved in adding a special staircase integrated ramp to accommodate the adored pet Lhasa Apsos which aligns with the stone and metal staircase to provide exclusive access to the gated enclosure.

Additional contrasts are the infinity pool, the lush labyrinth garden accented with 150-year-old olive trees and mature oak trees (designed by landscape consultant Kaiser Trabue, Nashville, TN), and terraced outdoor stairways. Understated treatments: Cladding of white marble with concrete, a purple metal column, and illusionary 3-D bronze sculpture are accentuated with a cardinal red front door. What is behind that door?

A serene sanctuary diffused in the Emerald Coast natural light!