Creating a sanctuary with complete isolation from guests was paramount in designing both the main house and carriage house. The Cape Dutch-influenced architectural style visually defines the elements of this compound, featuring an appealing metal gate, mature olive trees, plants accentuating the pathways, and a covered walkway to the bungalows and garage.

Lofty ceilings and beautiful structural wooden trusses, matched with oversized windows, emphasize the spacious interior living space, from the white marble kitchen counters, cooking alcove, and island to the white plaster walls.

The master suite boasts a cozy patio enclosure with views of an impressive stone-framed fountain adorned with brass curvilinear waterspout fixtures. The symmetry of the design, along with the natural patina on the metals, mirrors the pale green tiles within the fountain.

This art aficionado has filled the residence with an art collection of exemplary contemporary Russian academy-trained artists, viable since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The array of works from these artists spans from the 1940s to the 1990s and is accentuated by the homeowner’s old-world antiques. Sheltered within a visually appealing and well-crafted architectural solution are these unique possessions.