Creative and thoughtful solutions were the focus for this Modern-inspired guest house, featuring two bedrooms and three bathrooms, situated within four lots nestled within Inlet Beach. Austere touches such as a white interior with ten-foot-tall ceilings create a larger feeling within this 1,000 square foot space. Expansive windows erase the perception of “indoors and outdoors” and maximize the kitchen counter area with an attached table. All elements interconnect with sculptural forms, a sophisticated use of materials, and a palette to stand toe-to-toe with larger-scaled homes.

As a homage to the timeless concrete bungalows of the 1950s and 60s, once common along the stretch of the Gulf of Mexico, the color palette and exterior were intended to appear as an older, original structure with its coral-colored stucco, corrugated metal roof, and screened porch.

Flush-board wood paneling on the interior walls acknowledges traditional beach homes, while the accent of pearl-beige marble flooring provides a sophisticated contrast.

The furnishings and artwork flatter this cottage and are eclectic treasures from the homeowner’s extensive collection. The key visual impact within the primary room is the colorful tree abstract painting by Memphis artist Nancy Cheairs.