A significant transformation from an “Ugly duckling to a Swan!”

A condominium built in 2005 was dated by its dark redwood color palette, furnishings, wine cooler placement, and floor plan. The Mall’s, a couple who enthusiastically collected Modern Art, desired a “Modern spin” on this well-situated Blue Mountain Beach condo. The refreshing color palette of lavender, tangerine, and red was inspired by two prints in the foyer. The Guest Powder room featured brilliant ochre to complement the painting of a dot-covered head.

The engineering of the drop-down ceiling increased the flow of space, and changing the interior to white provided a refreshing presence. The full-sized wine refrigeration unit in the entry view was relocated to a less significant location and replaced by an impressive wall-sized abstract painting from the couple’s collection. The kitchen area had two separate glass tables for dinner parties or a smaller square table for floral arrangements at the entry point. Special construction was required for the pantries, and textured stainless steel tiles covered the cooking and kitchen sink areas.

Italian, Memphis-Milano created a visual statement with the upholstered headboard bed-set, while Alexander Gerard Mid-Century fabrics were used on the bolster pillows and bedspread within the stately Master Bedroom. To display the beautiful headboard upholstery, three oversized mirrors were angled and secured at the top wall to reflect the design and light from the windows. In the corner, a cowhide upholstered lounge chair contrasted with the Textured Medium Density Fiber Board Sheet displayed as “art.”

The design incorporated multiple solutions for living space and featured an “Avant Garde” art collection!